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Best protection during transport

Motexion is specialized in the delivery of
protective 'interior lining' for each type
company car.

About Motexion

Functional protection with eye for detail.

At Motexion we’re pleased to help you protecting your company vehicle. We develop and produce accessories for the protection of all brands and models of utility cars.

The use of our products prevents damage to the vehicle, its occupants and cargo. Our range is supplied, including fasteners, in ready-to-use packages, which are easy to assemble thanks to their perfect fit.

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About Motexion

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Well organized logistics

We deliver the right product, at the right time, in the right place. Your products are carefully packed and provided with labels with practical product information, such as article and order number, but also the registration number or customer name if you wish. Convenient to track your orders. Our logistics device is all about speed and efficiency. All orders are produced and shipped quickly. For larger series, we coordinate the delivery time with the customer. In the Netherlands we work with our own transport service and beyond with reliable partners.

About logistics:
Our strengths

That’s why Motexion

Wide range of protective parts
High quality
Designed with an eye for detail
Functional, tailored to the end user

How can we help you?

At Motexion we are happy to help you protect your company car.
We develop and produce a complete range of accessories for all brands and models of delivery vans <3500 kg to optimally protect them.

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