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Rubber Floor mat

As an alternative to a wooden loading floor, a rubber mat with a non-slip pattern can also be chosen. This is also delivered to the size of the loading space and is loose in the loading space. The black mat is homogeneous and about 5 mm thick. Our mats are cut from TPE rubber. A composition that is much better for the environment and does not pose any health risks.

Due to its own weight, the mat remains in its place, so that no assembly is necessary. Roll out and ready!

A mat is a good solution for smaller commercial vehicles, where you often crawl on your knees. The mat is then more comfortable than the steel floor of the car, or a wooden floor. Many customers also use a rubber mat as an addition to a wooden floor. In this way, the car is optimally protected and the mat serves as an extra anti-slip layer. For example, courier services and parcel deliverers often opt for this solution.

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