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Separation walls

Partition walls offer important protection. This prevents the load from slipping into the cabin in the event of an accident or hard braking maneuver.

In addition, the partition wall provides additional comfort: In most cases, a Motexion partition wall offers more space for the driver. The seat can then be adjusted better, giving the driver a better seating position. A Secuwand fits perfectly to the cabin, which also has a good insulating effect and significantly reduces the noise from the cargo area. The driver’s cabin also heats up faster in winter or less cooling is lost when the air conditioning is on.

We have developed a Secuwand for many models. These are made of ABS (plastic). These walls have a gray color that matches the original upholstery of the car. The walls are available with or without window and can also be upholstered.

The ABS Secuwand is produced in series by means of vacuum forming, has a light weight and is very strong. The walls are tested according to the standard DIN 75410-3.

We supply polyester partitions for the other car models. The wall has a smooth white or gray finish on the cargo space side and is upholstered on the cabin side. These walls are available with or without a pane and are produced manually.

Double Cabs

For a number of models we also have solutions to convert a closed van to a double cabin.

With the development of a sofa frame, complete with seat belts, upholstery and headrests, we have created a double cabin that can be supplied in different versions according to taste. For example, by adding luxury side and sliding door panels, other upholstery, electronics or awnings.

The necessary parts are developed and tested by us in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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“The Secuwand makes it much quieter in the cabin. The temperature can also be better regulated, because the bulkhead fits perfectly!”

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