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Wooden slats

Wooden slats is and remains a popular alternative to wall panels. At least in the Netherlands. Wooden slats on a frame in combination with wall panels you combine the best of 2 worlds.

A loading space provided with lath-to-lath offers the advantage that there are more options for securing your load. We use good quality spruce slats, which are sanded on all sides and therefore offer a neat appearance.
For all models of commercial vehicles, we at Motexion pre-assemble the top slats on steel brackets. This creates a frame that can be easily and quickly mounted with rivets.

We offer 3 diffent versions with wooden slats at Motexion:

Wooden Slats – Set:
The entire loading space is provided with slats. Slatted frames for the top, in combination with loose slats for the bottom. And of course the panels for the sliding door.

Frames + Wall
Frames for the top and wall panels for the bottom half of the cargo space. This allows you to secure cargo at the top and the bottom is optimally protected against sliding cargo.

Upper Frames
The slatted frames can of course also be ordered separately, if, for example, plastic panels are already fitted in the car at the factory.

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