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Lining panels

Lining panels primarily serve to protect the side of the cargo space from falling loads. The damage caused by falling cargo is often expensive and full wall coverings best prevent this.

In addition to protection, lining panels also provide a neat finish of the cargo space and also have an insulating effect. Both in terms of sound and temperature.

The wall panels are being manufactured in 4 and 6.5 mm of high-quality European birch plywood with a light brown or light gray polypropylene coating. This durable coating does not discolour, is washable and has good chemical resistance to, for example, dilute acids, oils, fuel and most solvents.

Birch plywood is strong and flexible, allowing it to follow the curves of the car. Where possible, we use existing mounting holes in the chassis and doors and take into account the ventilation of the cargo space.

Wall cladding is standard available in 4 and 6.5 mm. In addition to this standard range, other types of wall coverings are available, for example 5 mm thick plywood with transparent coating (ECO) or 12 mm thick clear plywood with or without milled slotted holes. Ask for the possibilities.

Wandbekleding is in verschillende materialen, kleuren en diktes leverbaar

And of course we also have fully plastic wall coverings in our range. This variant has the advantage that it provides a weight saving of 40%. Plastic wall cladding is made of polypropylene with a honeycomb structure on the inside.

A set of wall coverings always consists of the left + right side + the panels on the sliding door (s). Panels for rear doors or flap are optionally available. There are often windows, or ex-factory panels.

Of course we always supply all fasteners. Motexion thinks along with you in this too; we always try to keep the installation time as short as possible and use fasteners that match this.

At Motexion we do our best to make assembly as simple and fast as possible. We therefore invest a lot of time in smart mounting methods. Whenever possible, we use plastic press studs to mount panels so you don’t have to drill in the car. Other panels can be mounted with clips, making it easier and faster for the mechanic. The clips are clamped in the panels, fixed with a screw and can be closed with a cover, so that the mounting is covered.

For many models it is also possible to cover the roof. We use the same material for this as on the walls, so that the end result is a beautiful whole.

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Technical data sheet

4 mm6.5mm
Number of layers35
Type finishPolypropylenePolypropylene
Mass weight (M3)700kg/m3700kg/m3
4 mm
Number of layers3
Type finishPolypropylene
Mass weight (M3)700kg/m3
Number of layers5
Type finishPolypropylene
Mass weight (M3)700kg/m3

Especially internationally, there is increasing demand for a plastic alternative to wooden wall coverings. To meet this demand, we offer the option of ordering the wall coverings in full polypropylene. These gray sandwich panels are characterized by a very low weight, which in turn has a favorable effect on the payload of the commercial vehicle. The fit and mounting are the same as what you are used to from us. Ask for the possibilities.