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The smartest and lightest product line of Motexion.

Please meet the new sustainable protection products from Motexion. These lightweight protection products have been developed for the cargo area of ​​your commercial vehicle and are available for every model and version. You can choose from two versions, strong>Slimline and Slimline+.



With the Motexion Slimline products a weight saving of more than 50% can be achieved. Less weight means more payload and less fuel consumption.


The functionality of our protection products should not limit the user. So light where possible, but strong where necessary!


Not only are the materials 100% recyclable, but because of the low weight we can also pack and transport more sustainably and the rider has less fuel consumption.

Motexion Slimline Flooring.

The floor plate in your commercial vehicle must above all be practical. With a flat loading floor, the load can be transported stably, without sliding. A loading floor also makes it easier and safer to enter the loading area. The transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles also means that ‘weight’ is an important theme for commercial vehicles. Less weight in the basic equipment means lower consumption. The Motexion Slimline floor plate is made of polypropylene and consists of honeycomb material, with a strong top layer. The open structure of the honeycomb ensures its low weight and the top layer provides the strength needed to carry loads. The color gray has been chosen so that it fits nicely with wall coverings.

Motexion Slimline is
available in 2 versions


The floor is milled to size and sits loose in the car. Due to the perfect fit, it stays in place and rubber pads on the floor ensure that contact noise is prevented.


Made of the same material as the Slimline, but the + is in the finish. The Slimline+ has finished edges at the doors, so that the open structure of the material cannot be seen.
The Slimline+ floor plate is also equipped with lashing eyelets. This way the lashing eyes remain available to secure cargo or items in the back.

Smart packaging and transport

The Slimline floor plate is provided with folding lines during production. This ensures that the floor can be folded (several times) and takes up a lot less space during transport and in your storage. Motexion’s Slimline floors are produced and packaged in such a way that in many cases they can be sent by post. Because the Slimline is so light, it can often simply be carried under the arm! Once the floor plate has been unfolded in the cargo area, you will no longer see the fold lines. Smart isn’t it!

Motexion Slimline lining

Finishing and protecting with polypropylene wall panels has been part of our standard range for a number of years. The many good user experiences give confidence and polypropylene wall covering is already the current standard in many other countries. At Motexion we have adapted the fasteners and method to this material. This prevents the material from waving as a result of expansion due to heat.
The material is 4mm thick and follows the curves of the car perfectly. It can also be used well on doors and as roof lining. Where the doors are the most vulnerable parts of the cargo area, the roof of commercial vehicles causes lots of noise due to wind and rain. A proper roof lining helps as insulation in noise and temperature.

Motexion Slimline Wheel Arch Covers

Covering the wheel arches in the cargo area not only ensures a neat finish and prevents damage, but also makes it a lot quieter in the cargo area. The wheel arch protection also acts as extra sound insulation against bicycle noise. Many commercial vehicles are finished with plastic in the loading space, so that a “normal” wooden wheel arch protection is not a solution. The Motexion Slimline Wheel arch protection fits seamlessly with the plastic covers in the cargo area and can be mounted very quickly. In most cases they clamp behind the plastic cover and the floor lies tight against it, making installation a piece of cake. We have coordinated the color and structure with the ex-works panels, so that the Slimline wheel arch protection fits perfectly with the standard equipment of the car.

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