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Together we develop perfection

At Motexion we are always looking for improvement. How can we develop an even safer, stronger and more sustainable product? We are constantly looking for opportunities to further improve our products in quality and ease of use. By testing new materials and developing smarter mounting methods. We do this together with our expert team and partners in the market.


Production under own management

We produce everything ourselves and only work with the best materials. This is how we guarantee the quality of our range. You will notice that.

Attention and care has been paid to all our products. With production in our own companies, we can quickly switch and anticipate special requests, trends and developments. This makes Motexion a flexible partner in the production and supply of protective inner lining for your commercial vehicles. In series production for the car manufacturer or special versions for a dealer.

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Only the best is good enough

In order to guarantee and continuously improve the quality of our products, services and organization, we attach great importance to certifications and quality marks. Our quality manual (ISO 9001: 2015) is the basis for this.

The timber from Northern Europe we work with meets the requirements of EUTR. We also use the best materials with the right sustainability labels for the other products. All our suppliers are FSC or PEFC certified. We do everything we can to develop qualitative solutions, from purchasing to production.

An eye for people and environment

Sustainable materials

All our products are made from sustainable material. We develop solid solutions, with an eye for people and nature. We do this with wood and plywood from demonstrably responsibly managed forests. By using high-quality raw materials, we safeguard the quality of our products.

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Who’s who?

A company is nothing more than the people working there. At Motexion we’re proud at our colleagues who give their best to help you get the job done.


How did we get here?

Motexion is still relatively young, but has earned its place in the market by now. We are proud of the customers we are able to serve and the growth that this has brought. Some highlights at a glance:

  • 1993
    Birth as Modul Protection in Maassluis.
  • 1998
    Start production of wooden floors and lining using computerized CNC-machines.
  • 2002
    Moving to Bellstraat in Vlaardingen.
  • 2005
    Changing the name from Modul Protection to Motexion.
  • 2008
    Expanding production capacity with new fully automatic CNC-machines.
  • 2011
    Expanding our premisses to create extra space for storage of base material
  • 2014
    Opening sales office in France
  • 2015
    Again new CNC-machinery
  • 2017
    Start of 2nd production location. At 200m from current location
  • 2020
    Start production facility in UK