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The new smart product range of Motexion.

Please meet our new range of lightweight cargo area protection! The Slimline products have been developed to protect the cargo area of your van and available for any make and model. Made out of sustainable materials, lightweight and easier to install. You can chose from 2 different versions: Slimline en de Slimline+.



Motexion Slimline van reduce weight of your interior lining by more than 50%. Less weight means more loading capacity, or less fuel consumption.


New materials shall not influence the functionality when using the cargo area. The materials are fit for the job; So lightweight when possible, strong when it is necessairy.


Not only are the materials 100% recyclable, the reduced weight save you fuel consumption!

Motexion Slimline Flooring

A floor in a commercial vehicle first of all needs to be practical. Your packages, equipment or merchandise should be transported in a stable situation without shoving. The Slimline floor has a non-skid surface to prevent that. It also helps you to step into the cargo area safely.

The transition from fossil to electric transmission makes weight reduction an important issue. The less weight you carry in your standard configuration, the lower fuel consumption will be. The Motexion Slimline floors are 10mm thick and made out of polypropylene. The honeycomb structure save weight and the rigid top layer makes it possible to carry enough weight and protect the van. In comparison to a standard 9mm floor a similar Slimline floor is 50% lighter!

Motexion Slimline is available in 2 versions:

Floor is cut to size for a perfect fit. Edges are not sealed and no cut-outs for the existing lashing eyes in the floor.

The Slimline floor is a budget solution or can be an alternative for the rubber floor mat.


Floor is cut to size for the perfect fit. Edges are sealed for a nicer finish. Special rings with a cover give access to the original lashing eyes in the cargo area. The floor has magnets integrated in the back of the floor to connect the floor to the car.

Smart packaging and transport

Slimline floors get additional cut outs in the back so it can be folded. Or multiple times when the floor is longer. The rigid top layer shows no signs of the folding when installed!

The smaller dimensions of the packaging save transport costs. We can even send a large floor by post! And it takes less space when stored in your warehouse. No need to carry a floor with 2 persons anymore. Installation is a question of unfold the package in the car. Just as easy!


Motexion Slimline lining panels

Lining panels in polypropylene are in our standard range for years now. Lot’s of customers are using it as a standard. In some countries estimations are that 80% of all lining sets are in plastics.

At Motexion we learned a few lessons over the years and use special fitting materials for these polypropylene lining. Main issue is expansion of the material due to heat. With special fitting materials and minor adjustments in production we can prevent that. Lining panels are 4mm thick which makes it easy to bend and fit around your van. Yes birch ply is probably stronger, but polypropylene can hold a lot when heavy materials fall over in the cargo area. We’re confident that in 90% of all cases this material is fit for the job!

Weight reduction in this materials is app. 40%. It can also be used for door panels and roof lining. It not only prevents your commercial vehicle against damage, it also insulates a lot of noise.


Motexion Slimline Wheel arch protection

Protecting the wheel arches not only makes your cargo area look good, it also helps to reduce noise from the tires. You will notice the difference immediately!

Ever more we see the car manufacturers add plastic panels to the cargo area. Strangely enough they keep some of the bodywork exposed. We supply  products to cover the wheel arch completely. These vacuum formed parts are often  recognize as a factory fit, but in most cases it is after sales. Color and structure are close to factory trim. Installation is easy: it sticks behind the factory panels and the floor is put on top of a rim.

In other cases we can fold a case out of the Slimline material we use for flooring. In that case boxes prevent damage to the wheel arches.


More info?

If you would like more information on materials used, or our product range for your brand, please connect to our back office. Or ask for samples or demo from our account manager.